Sawyer's World.
Far longer than forever
I’ll hold you in my heart
It’s almost like you’re here with me
Although we’re far apart —The Swan Princess (via natvadillo)

LAUGHING….. I hardly doubt that happened. 



Dear Diary

Well the summer is almost coming to an end, and though Jude and I have spent the last few months being happy it seems the the honey moon stage is over. Mcfadden is back in town and all of a sudden its like Jude has this wall up that I can’t break through, I didn’t even know the kid was back in town until Jude told me yet somehow I’m the bad guy. I just don’t get why two people who love each other as much as he and I do have to work so hard to get things to work. It’s extinguishing, I’m starting to think he’ll never trust me again.

Burning boat is like a week and a half away and I’m not sure what I want to burn this year, I wonder if I could get away with pushing that slut Cassidy Fletcher into the boat…. I’d love to burn that bitch.  Bleh, I just feel like the next few weeks are going to change everything.